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457 Applications – Service standards and processing issues

Extract from Migration Institute of Australia Notice:

The Department’s website is currently showing 457 service standards as 2 months for low risk and 3 months for high risk countries. Although some members are reporting much faster service than this, certain types of applications are being delayed.

Members are reminded that lodging an assessment ready application and having medicals completed promptly is the best way to ensure the application is processed in the shortest time possible.

Reports from recent discussions with the 457 processing centres show the most common reasons processing is delayed are:

  • incomplete supporting documentation requiring a request for further information to be generated
  • security checks taking longer than service standards
  • no supporting evidence to demonstrate the genuine position requirement
  • nominated occupations not consistent with the nominating business eg corporate general managers, sales and marketing managers, customer service managers, training managers and project administrators, in small businesses, especially where the owner is also working in the business
  • recent identification of at least 10 ‘fake’ organisations attempting to access the 457 program has required increased scrutiny of applications.


After lodging 457 applications an automated response is generated which provides extensive information to the applicant/RMA including:

  • processing status requests
  • current allocation/Processing times
  • request for urgent assistance or priority allocation
  • pre-lodgement enquiries
  • current issues
  • lodgement of applications
  • assessment ready applications
  • submitting supporting documents
  • updating your passport or personal details
  • relationship breakdown
  • bridging visas
  • babies born in Australia
  • lodging assessment ready applications – The Health Requirement
  • retrieval of TRN
  • cessation of work
  • superannuation
  • condition 8547 waiver requests
  • withdrawal of applications


Regulation 5.17 Migration Regulations – Prescribed evidence of English language proficiency

[5.17]      For the purposes of paragraph 5(2)(b) of the Act (dealing with whether a person has functional English), the evidence referred to in each of the following paragraphs is prescribed evidence of the English language proficiency of a person:

(a)      evidence specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing for this paragraph;

[(a) substituted by SLI 2012, 105 with effect from 01/07/2012 – LEGEND note]

[(b) omitted by SLI 2012, 105 with effect from 01/07/2012 – LEGEND note]

(c)      evidence that:

(i)      the person holds an award (being a degree, a higher degree, a diploma or a trade certificate) that required at least 2 years of full-time study or training; and

(ii)      all instruction (including instruction received in other courses for which the person was allowed credit) for that award was conducted in English;

[(d) omitted by SR 1995, 117 – LEGEND note]

(e)      evidence that the person has attained the functional level of the ACCESS test, being evidence in the form of a copy of results of a test:

(i)      completed not more than 12 months before the person applies for the grant of a visa in relation to which those results are relevant; or

(ii)      completed after the application is made;

and certified by the body that conducted the test as the results of the test of the person;

(f)      evidence that the person has been assessed as having functional English by the provider of a course that is an approved English course for the purposes of section 4 of the Immigration (Education) Act 1971​;

[(g) omitted by SR 1995, 117 – LEGEND note]

(h)      in the case of a person who is an applicant for a Business Skills – Established Business (Residence) (Class BH) visa — evidence that the person has a score of at least 20 points under Part 3 of Schedule 7, being a score awarded on the basis of an interview of the person for the purpose of ascertaining that score;

(j)      if:

(i)      the person is an applicant for a visa of a class that is not mentioned in paragraph (h); and

(ii)      evidence referred to in paragraph (a) cannot be provided by the person; and

(iii)      it is not reasonably practicable for the person to attend at a place where, or time when, he or she could be subjected to a test mentioned in paragraph (e) or (f);

evidence that the person has been determined by the Minister, on the basis of an interview with the person, to have functional English.

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